Whether you are lending money to help someone buy real estate, refinance an existing mortgage, pay for renovations, lower or close debts, or develop a property, Derchansky Legal has the necessary expertise to assist you with your transaction.

Our goal in a private mortgage transaction is to ensure that your money is as safe and secure as possible so that if the need ever arises, you are able to enforce the terms of your loan when going to court to recover your money and additional costs. By thoroughly investigating the property which is provided as collateral for your private mortgage loan, we can identify and deal with any red flags or signs of potential trouble that may hinder your ability to collect on a defaulted mortgage.


Through our carefully developed documentation, which we have meticulously created after years of working the field of private lending, Derchansky Legal ensures that you will have all of the same lender rights and remedies that are available to the largest banks and mortgage lending institutions in the province.

The world of private mortgages is full of fraud and deceit. Extra care needs to be taken to ensure that all proper due diligence is conducted so that you have the accurate and comprehensive information you need when deciding whether or not to complete a mortgage loan. Derchansky Legal is aware of the stress that lending large sums of money can cause and we are proud to assist our clients by reducing this emotional strain through careful due diligence, comprehensive documentation and constantly-updated competency.